As the sun sheds it’s light on another day of guitar progress, I want you to think about how much can actually happen in a 10 minute window…
To stress my point, next time you are doing house chores or a task in general set a timer for 10 minutes and just let it go. When it dings you will be amazed at how long 10 minutes actually is when you are focused throughout the entire time frame.
Since focusing on chores and housework is about zero percent fun, I want you to apply this same principle to the guitar. (Surely, a much more fun endeavor)
Yes, just 10 minutes…
I know it seems almost crazy, but if you really focus your efforts during a practice session you can get pretty far and accomplish quite a bit in just 10 minutes.
Yes, only 10 minutes…
Next time you sit down to practice, set a timer for just 10 minutes and get to playing.
Try your best during this ten minute window to focus on just one aspect of your playing. It could be learning a lick, technique, speed, posture, tone, or anything else that you want to improve upon. The key word here is focus.
Prior to bringing this idea into your routine, your practice sessions might seem like a smattering of all sorts of things…
You can think of it like putting everything you want to get better at into a bucket and then spreading the contents of that bucket all over the room…
To put it plainly, practice sessions done in this way can be a huge mess.
After using the 10 minute rule things can look very different.
When you set a timer for ten minutes and get to work immediately on your focus for the day, you can flip your practice sessions around into the most valuable time you ever experience with the guitar.
· Can you master something in 10 minutes? No
· Can you commit something to memory in 10 minutes? No
· Can you learn a whole song in 10 minutes? No
· Can you gain momentum and feel progress in 10 minutes? Yes
· Can you familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of a technique in 10 minutes? Yes
· Can 10 minutes allow you to isolate and improve on one specific aspect of your playing? Yes
And, most importantly…
Does 10 minutes lead to spending more time with the guitar on a regular basis? Yes
Now, there is no rule that says you have to stop after 10 minutes. If you are really feeling it then keep rolling right along. Conversely, if after 10 minutes your brain is shot, you can put your guitar away and eagerly anticipate the next 10 minute window you get.
I bring up the 10 minute time window because it’s so truly effective in bolstering both your mental and physical approach to the guitar. (Read as: increasing the frequency of small wins)
Plus, the added benefit is that it keeps it fun!!!
Next time you practice, set yourself a timer and challenge yourself to see how much you can truly accomplish in such a seemingly small 10 minute window of time.
Have an outstanding week of guitar!!
Cheers to living your best acoustic life!