Liked on YouTube: Bluegrass Guitar with Bryan Sutton – The G Run (breakdown and history)

Bryan Sutton ( talks history and breaks down one of the most important elements of Bluegrass rhythm: The G Run.

Before big ensembles and big bass instruments came into place, rhythmic guitar was the main rhythmic basis for country music and bluegrass. One of these rhythmic techniques that was used in old country and bluegrass music is the G Run. In this lesson, Bryan Sutton isolates that technique. Bill Monroe’s recording of Mule Skinner Blues is one of the first recordings of this technique in bluegrass. Another player who used the G run early on was Lester Flatt. Bryan Sutton recommends listening to Lester Flatt.

Lester Flatt’s G run technique clearly marks the end of each phrase, which is an important role to play when the guitar is in charge of the rhythm. In this lesson, Bryan Sutton discusses many other ways different artists used the G run.

Bryan Sutton is an award winning acoustic guitarist. He is the recipient of the Grammy Award for Best Country Instrumental Performance. He has also been nominated for the Grammy in the bluegrass genre. The renowned musician, Bryan Sutton, is available to teach to you and help you take your guitar playing to whatever level you want to take it to.

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