Liked on YouTube: How to choose the perfect fret crowning file

With so many fret crowing files on the market how do you choose? Which one is the “best”? It depends on a lot of factors, how skilled are you at doing fret work, what’s your budget, is this a hobby or are you doing repair work for money? In this Trade Secret, Erick Coleman demonstrates each of the major types of files and shares tips that’ll help you decide which file is right for you.

3-Corner Fret Dressing Files

File Cleaning Brush

Double-edge Fret File

Gurian Three-in-one Fret File

Gurian Quarter-round Fret File

Offset Diamond Fret File

Double-edge Diamond Fret Files

Dual-grit Diamond Fret Files

StewMac Z-File Fret Crowning Files

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