Liked on YouTube: MYPIN PID Temperature Controller – Building and Wiring the Controller

MYPIN PID Temperature Controller for Bullet Casting – Building and Wiring the Controller. Using the TA4-SSR PID Controller on my Lee Pro 4 20lb Lead Casting Furnace. These instructions should work equally well for the TA4-SNR and many other Mypin controllers.

This setup is not exclusive to lead furnaces. It should work great for smokers, home brewers, sous-vide cooking, or any other application that requires a PID temperature controller. Your thermocouple requirements will likely be different and you might want different size fuses, but the setup should otherwise be universal.

Wiring diagrams:

PID Controller:
Project Box:
Terminal Strips:
Cable Clamps:
10A Fuses:
1A Fuses:
Extension Cord:
Thermocouple Plugs:
Thermocouple Jack:
Fuse Holder (buy 2):
Machine Screws:
Heat Sink Compound:
Rubber Feet:
Terminal Kit:
Step Bits:
Heat Shrink:
20ga Hookup Wire:
Nibbling Tool: